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Our Premises

Entrance to the new premises of We Buy Cars

We Buy Cars new warehouse where bought cars will be stocked

Inside We Buy Cars' warehouse with cars bought from clients

"Our success is largely due to past customers who have been pleased with our work and recommended us to others."


Want to Sell your Car?
Are you in Gauteng, South Africa?

  • We provide a one stop sell your car service to individuals.
  • We come to you and buy your car in a quick, efficient and streamlined way.
  • You do not have to compromise on your convenience and even more importantly, your security.
  • Our service is taylor made and customisable to suit your needs.
  • We have been buying cars for over 15 years, we buy on average more than 25 to 30 cars per day. You have arrived at the right place if you need to sell your car in a quick and painless way to people you can trust.
  • We buy almost anything, cheap and expensive, we do it. Bakkies, kombies, Double-Cabs, Sedans, Student-Cars, bangers, Game-Viewers, Panel-Vans, Caravans, Trailers, Bikes, we do them.

Many people are not prepared for the process and the red tape when selling their cars, they do not know how, or simply do not have the time. So if they can’t trade it in or if the trade-in offer is lousy they are stuck!

Not anymore…

The friendly people at We Buy Cars offer a unique and comprehensive service where they buy your car from you, at your home or work-place in a quick and efficient, streamlined way where you still get a very good price!

Best of all, you do not have to do anything or go anywhere.

We come to you and do it all.

Even if you do not make use of our services, there are many other ways we can help you, by providing you with good solid information on any related topic when it comes to buying and selling a car.

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Some of Our Clients

buy my car sell my car cash

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